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Bringing the curriculum to life

World events offer a rich context for teaching. Students become interested and involved.
This is a starter outline of assignments and resources on Sudan. At the bottom of this page are some lesson plans and more general resources.


Research the class action suit by the Presbyterian Church of Sudan against Talisman Oil of Calgary. Write an essay that examines fiduciary versus social responsibility.
Look at interviews with common people, both adults and children, in war-torn Sudan. Write an essay on their situation and how you feel about it.
Sketch a portrait of current-day Sudan in terms of resources and culture; include regional disparities and foreign investment.
Summarize the history of Sudan over the past century. Identify the forces at play and the process of forming a government.
    (BBC Timeline: Sudan — 1881 to present)
    (Two BBC documentaries on rebuilding Southern Sudan — 50 minutes)
Man in society
Explore the issue of child soldiers, its social and moral implications, the role of the international community.
Values education (can be secular or religious)
Examine the situation in Sudan in the context of religious and humanitarian values. Write an essay discussing values and action.

Lesson plans & other resources

Child soldiers — Canadian Youth for International Justice
Walking with Child Soldiers on the Road to Restoration
— London (Ontario) District Christian Secondary School
Oxfam's Cool Planet for teachers — Sudan
Rights & violence — Save the Children (UK)
Study guide on refugees — Human rights learning center
* There are important resources that supplement these on the CASS resource page.
* If you develop a lesson plan and would like to share it, please let us know.
* All lesson plans have been developed by third parties and do not necessarily represent the views of Canadian Aid for Southern Sudan (CASS).

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