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Northwatch is a regional coalition of environmental organizations,  community groups and individual members in northeastern Ontario.

Founded in January of 1988, Northwatch has as a priority issues that are of a regional nature: sound energy planning, healthy forests, responsible mining, waste reduction, and conservation of our natural resources and environmental assets. Northwatch has worked with residents over the past two decades to prevent northeastern Ontario from becoming the receiving ground for foreign wastes, whether it’s Toronto's garbage, Ontario's biomedical waste, Canada's nuclear reactor fuel waste, or PCB's from around the world. 
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Issue Pages and Web Sites

Another Abstract ImagePlease visit these additional issue pages and web sites to learn more about Northwatch's current work.


Northwatch has numerous resources available including publications, newsletters, workshops and fact sheets. Contact us for details.

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Our Networks

Northwatch is a member of  MiningWatch Canada, Nuclear Waste Watch and the Ontario Environment Network.

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Your comments, questions, suggestions and feedback are always welcome! Interested in volunteering with Northwatch? We're interested in hearing from you! Please email us or call us at 705 497 0373.

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Coming Events

February 2016 Webinar Series
Nuclear Waste On-line
February 4, 12, 18 and 26

Final session: Emergency Planning with the Canadian Environmental Law Association
Friday, February 26@ noon

In the News

Wynn Says Ontario will take a closer look at OPG's nuclear waste burial plans (Feb 2016)

McKenna: Additional studies needed before environmental decision on OPG's DGR for rad waste (February 2015)

Northwatch Presentation to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, November 5, 2015

With Ecojustice, Greenpeace Canadaa, Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA)and Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, Northwatch is going to the Supreme Court of Canada over the EA approval of up to four new nuclear reactors.