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  • When Public Relations Trumps Public Responsibility
    The Evolution of Cost Overruns, Service Cuts and Cover-Up in the Brampton Hospital P3. Author: Ontario Health Coalition
          SUMMARY       MEDIA RELEASE       FULL REPORT     (January 7, 2008)

  • Risky Business II - The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre: Ontario's first P3 hospital
    Hidden costs, security breaches, poor design, two-tier health delivery and very expensive water: one year later at the secretive Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, Ontario’s first P3 Hospital. Author: OPSEU Local 479
          FULL REPORT     (November 23, 2007)

  • Risky Business I - The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre: Ontario's first P3 hospital
    Report finds that the Royal Ottawa Hospital P3 was behind schedule, opened with almost 100 fewer beds than promised and was $51 million over budget. Author: OPSEU Local 479
          FULL REPORT     (June 22, 2007)

  • Flawed, Failed, Abandoned, 100 P3s Canadian and International Evidence
    Report finds many troubling aspects to P3s, including: Cost overruns & delays, secrecy, design and construction flaws, quality problems & service cuts, legal disputes, failed contracts & bankruptcies. Author: Ontario Health Coalition
          FULL REPORT     (April 7, 2005)

  • Financing Canada's Hospitals: Public Alternatives to P3s
    Economist Hugh Mackenzie shows that Brampton's new hospital will cost $175 million dollars more as a P3 than if it were built with public financing. Author: Hugh Mackenzie
          SUMMARY       MEDIA RELEASE       FULL REPORT     (October 2004)

  • Funding Hospital Infrastructure: Why P3s Don't Work, and What Will
    A report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Authors: Lewis Auerbach, Arthur Donner, Douglas D. Peters, Monica Townson, and Armine Yalnizyan
          FULL REPORT     (November 2003)

  • Private Finance Initiative: Analysis
    Series of reports from Britain's Guardian newspaper examining that country's version of P3s.
          ARTICLES     (2003 - present)

  • First Hospitals... Next Schools - Why education workers should look more closely at P3s
    Examination of P3 schools. Author: Natalie Mehra
          ARTICLE     (April 22, 2003)

  • Downsizing of acute inpatient beds associated with private finance initiative: Scotland's case study
    British Medical Journal article on the impact of the Private Finance Initiative (the British version of P3s). Authors: M. Dunnigan and A. Pollack
          FULL REPORT     (April 23, 2003)

  • Private finance and "value for money" in NHS hospitals: a policy in search of a rationale?
    British Medical Journal article on the impact of the Private Finance Initiative (the British version of P3s). Authors: A. Pollock, J. Shaoul and N. Vickers
          FULL REPORT     (May 18, 2002)

  • A systematic review and meta-analysis of studies comparing mortality rates of private for-profit and private not-for-profit hospitals
    published in Canadian Medical Association Journal, McMaster Study Shows Mortality Rates Higher in For-Profit Hospitals. Authors: P.J. Devereaux, Peter T.L. Choi, Gordon H. Guyatt et. al.
          FULL REPORT     (May 18, 2002)

  • How private finance is moving primary care into corporate ownership
    British Medical Journal article on the privatization of primary care in Britain. Authors: A. Pollock, S. Player and S. Godden
          FULL REPORT     (April 21, 2001)

  • Beds in the NHS: The National Bed Inquiry exposes contradictions in government policy
    Editorial in the British Medical Journal on the impact of the Private Finance Initiative (the British version of P3s). Authors: A M Pollock and M G Dunnigan
          EDITORIAL     (February 19, 2000)

  • The private finance initiative: The politics of the private finance initiative and the new NHS
    British Medical Journal series on the privatization of primary care in Britain. Authors: A. Pollock, J. Shaoul and N. Vickers
          PART 1       PART 2       PART 3       PART 4     (January-July 1999)

  • Pump priming the PFI: Why are publicly financed hospital schemes being subsidised?
    From the British publication Public Money and Management. Authors: Dr. Allyson Pollock and Declan Gaffney
          ARTICLE     (Jan-Mar 1999)

  • Public Patients, Private Profit?
    Andrew Dodd interviews Stephen Leeder. Transcript of an Australian radio documentary on P3 hospitals in that country.
          ARTICLE     (October 20, 1996)

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  • Brampton P3 Hospital Target of Massive Community Protest
    Province Needs to Help Out Hospital and Stop Secrecy.
          COMMENTARY     (December 10, 2007)

  • What's Happening to Brampton's Hospital?
    Information on the crisis at Brampton's P3 hospital. Distributed at the December 9, 2007 rally in Brampton.
          FACT SHEET     (December 9, 2007)

  • North Bay Hospital cover-up tactics
    "The [Ontario] government has resorted to cover-up tactics to evade public scrutiny.”
          MEDIA RELEASE       ANALYSIS     (June 18, 2007)

  • North Bay Hospital cover-up tactics
    "The [Ontario] government has resorted to cover-up tactics to evade public scrutiny.”
          MEDIA RELEASE       ANALYSIS       ANALYSIS     (June 18, 2007)

  • Secret Costs of Brampton P3 Hospital Revealed
    A court ordered release of secret documents related to the Brampton P3 hospital secret documents are analysed by Lewis Auerbach, former Director of Audit Operations - Office of the Auditor-General of Canada and OHC lawyer Steven Shrybman.

  • OHC Hospital P3 Tracker Update
    Detailed information on the status of P3 projects.
          CHART     (April 1, 2007)

  • PowerPoint Slideshow
    Public Private Partnerships: Innovation or Profiteering?
          POWERPOINT     (January 20, 2006)

  • Fact Sheet
    McGuinty plans private hospitals across Ontario.
          FACT SHEET     (January 2006)

  • OHC Hospital P3 Tracker
    McGuinty plans private hospitals across Ontario.
          CHART     (January 31, 2006)

  • "Truth Serum" Report
    $3.3 Billion in Hospital Projects Privatized By McGuinty Government.
          MEDIA RELEASE       REPORT     (August 26, 2005)

  • Fact Sheet on P3s
    Premier McGuinty is breaking his promises.
          FACT SHEET     (May 2005)

  • P3 Corporations, Lobbying Activities and Donations to PC Party Ontario
    An examination of the personal and financial connections between P3s and the Eves government.
          "> BRIEFING NOTE     (July 2003)

  • Nurses and P3s
    Fact sheet on how Public Private Partnership hospitals in Britain have had to cut nursing staff by 12%.
          FACT SHEET     (June 2004)

  • P3 Hospitals - Importing a British Failure
    Here is a closer look at Britain’s P3 hospitals that are the inspiration & model for Tony Clement’s announced Ontario P3 hospitals in Ottawa, Brampton & Markham-Stouffville.
          FACT SHEET     (May 2003)

  • Myth Buster: P3 Hospitals - A Closer Look
    Contrary to myth, P3s are more expensive. Way more expensive, not a partnership, just privatization, inefficient and often a disaster where they’ve been tried.
          FACT SHEET     (Spring 2003)

  • Public Private Partnerships or Profit Over Patients?
    The truth about P3s.
          FACT SHEET     (September 2002)

  • Medicare's Critics
    Back to the "Good Old Days", Private Public Partnerships and other Myths.
          FACT SHEET     (January 2002)

  • The British Medical Journal has published its findings on the failure of P3 hospitals in Scotland.
          FACT SHEET ON THE REPORT       FULL ARTICLE       RESPONSES     (April 26, 2003)


  • McGuinty Government fudging costs
    The Ontario Health Coalition charged the McGuinty government with fudging the numbers during its grand opening of the privatized P3 hospital in Ottawa this week. Hugh Mackenzie, an independent economist, reports that the new Royal Ottawa Hospital will cost $88 million more over the life of the project under the privatized financing arrangement than it would have been had the hospital been built through the traditional public method.

  • Secret Tenders Issued by McGuinty Government to Private Companies for P3 Hospitals
    The Ontario Health Coalition criticized the McGuinty government for issuing secret tenders for at least 7 hospitals across the province, including: Bluewater Health Sarnia; North Bay Regional Health Centre; Quinte Healthcare; Sault Area Hospitals; St. Joseph’s Health Centre London; Sudbury Regional Hospital, and; Trillium Health Centre in Mississauga.
          MEDIA RELEASE & BACKGROUNDER     (October 27, 2006)

  • More Than 80,000 Ontarians Vote To Stop P3 Hospitals
    Over 96% vote for 100% public hospitals in Sarnia and the Sault this weekend.
          FACT SHEET     (May 15, 2006)

  • 300 Nurses Ask McGuinty to Stop P3 Hospitals: Joint Letter
    More than 300 nurses across Ontario have written a joint letter to Premier Dalton McGuinty asking him to stop the privatization of Ontario’s hospitals. In their letter, the nurses told McGuinty: “We are writing to express our strong opposition to your government’s policy of hospital financing through “P3s” or public-private partnerships. ‘Alternative Finance Mechanism’ or ‘Alternative Financing and Procurement’ (AFM/AFP) hospitals are P3s under a new name.”
          MEDIA RELEASE       JOINT LETTER     (May 9, 2006)

  • 97.7% of 28,658 People Vote to Keep Hamilton's Hospitals 100% Public
    Hamilton voters cast close to 28,000 votes on Saturday in favour of keeping their hospitals 100 per cent publicly funded, financed, owned, administered and operated. More than 30,000 votes have already been cast in citizen-initiated plebiscites in St. Catharines, W oodstock and North Bay.
          MEDIA RELEASE     (March 27, 2006)

  • Doctors Issue Letter: No P3s
    More than 300 nurses across Ontario have written a joint letter to Premier Dalton McGuinty asking him to stop the privatization of Ontario’s hospitals. In their letter, the nurses told McGuinty: “We are writing to express our strong opposition to your government’s policy of hospital financing through “P3s” or public-private partnerships. ‘Alternative Finance Mechanism’ or ‘Alternative Financing and Procurement’ (AFM/AFP) hospitals are P3s under a new name.”
          MEDIA RELEASE       JOINT LETTER     (March 20, 2006)

  • 97% of 7,396 People Vote to Keep Woodstock's Hospital 100% Public
    The Woodstock plebiscite is the third of a series of cross-province plebiscites organized by the Ontario Health Coalition and local health coalitions to stop the P3 privatization of our hospitals.
          MEDIA RELEASE     (November 27, 2005)

  • 97% of 8,824 People Vote to Keep North Bay s Hospital 100% public
    We estimate that between 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 adults voted. This is a tremendous turnout for a citizen-called plebiscite and shows keen community interest in the issue.- Monique Smith, Liberal MPP won her seat in the entire riding of Nipissing (an area considerably larger than that covered by the plebiscite) by approximately 16,000 votes.
          MEDIA RELEASE     (November 21, 2005)

  • 98% Vote to Keep Hospital Public in First Plebiscite to Stop P3 Hospitals
    More than 12,400 vote in St. Catharines.
          MEDIA RELEASE     (June 27, 2005)

  • Over $100 Million Wasted in Secretive P3 Hospital Deal
    This morning at Queen’s Park, the Ontario Health Coalition and the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions released a cost analysis of the Brampton private (P3) hospital contract. The analysis was based on Schedule 28 of the project agreement, which the two groups fought to see. The lease agreement for this public money still remains completely secret, inaccessible to media or the public.
          MEDIA RELEASE/FACT SHEET     (August 6, 2004)

  • Newly Released Documents Confirm Massive Hospital Privatization
    In a Queen’s Park press conference, the Ontario Health Coalition and the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions revealed that newly released documents show that Brampton’s planned hospital is definitely a privatized P3 hospital and that all financial records involving over $1 billion in public money are being withheld by the hospital and the government. Included in the released documents are project agreements and parts of leases and subleases, however, all financial information and many other records are omitted or deleted. The Royal Ottawa Hospital still refuses to disclose any documents.
          MEDIA RELEASE       ANALYSIS OF DOCUMENTS     (March 12/15, 2004)

  • Shoddy Corporate Records Behind Bid-Winners of Private Hospital Projects Planned Across the Country
    the Ontario Health Coalition issued a warning about the corporations who are winning bids to privatize hospitals across the country. Spokespeople for the OHC revealed that governments in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec are actively planning over fifteen private hospitals. New Brunswick and Newfoundland have flirted with similar plans and may follow suit. In Ontario, there are three private hospitals in planning in Toronto, and others in Hamilton, Oakville, Grimsby, Brampton, Uxbridge, Markham-Stouffville, and Ottawa. The coalition fears all new hospitals will be privatized this way.
    "The corporations see public health care as a potential source of huge profits," said Natalie Mehra of the Ontario Health Coalition. "Carillion, one of the bidders, holds the Guinness Book of World Records title twice-over for longest wait on a stretcher for a hospital bed. Meanwhile, the company reports record-breaking profits from private hospital deals financed by taxpayers."
          MEDIA RELEASE       BACKGROUNDER ON CARILLION     (March 5, 2004)

  • Health Ministry Sit-In
    On Thursday, March 4th, the Ontario Health Coalition staged a sit-in at the Ministry of Health to send a message to stop the first two private hospitals since the inception of Medicare. The Health Minister's office agreed to more disclosure of documents pertaining to the deals, however did not agree to cancel the deals yet. The action was the first in escalating campaign to stop private hospitals.
          MARCH 5 MEDIA RELEASE       MARCH 4 PRESS RELEASE     (March 4/5, 2004)

  • Extraordinary Secrecy Obscures Billion-Dollar P3 Hospital Deals
    The massive private (P3) hospital deals scheduled to be signed by the provincial government any day now are purposefully obscured by an astonishing lack of accountability and transparency, the Ontario Health Coalition charged in a media conference this morning.
          MEDIA RELEASE     (January 21, 2004)

  • Pre-Election Liberal Criticisms of P3 Hospitals & Commitments to Publicly Financed and Owned Hospitals Compared to Post-Election Stances
    On January 11, 2004, the OHC held a media conference on the McGuinty government’s flip-flop on P3s. Materials prepared for the event included an “on the record” backgrounder featuring pre-election Liberal positions critical on P3s and a table comparing the post-election Liberal P3 plan with Tory P3s and the public model.
          ON THE RECORD       TABLE     (January 11, 2004)

  • The Fight is On to Protect Our Hospitals From For-Profit Takeover: Ontario Health Coalition
    The Health Coalition vowed to step up our campaign to keep our hospitals public in response to the government's announcements about the P3 hospitals in Brampton and Ottawa today. "We are bitterly disappointed in both the process and the outcome of these deals as they are known so far", said Natalie Mehra Provincial Coordinator. "We are appalled at the process and secrecy surrounding the negotiations, which have not improved at all with the change in government. We are calling on the government to immediately lift the veil of secrecy that obscures these projects from public scrutiny and release the deals."
          MEDIA RELEASE       BRIEFING NOTE     (November 21, 2003)

  • Health Coalition Responds to Government
    In an Open Letter to Health Minister George Smitherman, the Ontario Health Coalition expresses concerns about comments by Premier McGuinty re-opening Liberal promises to reverse the contracts to build Ottawa and Brampton hospitals as P3s and also reverse the privatization of MRI/CT clinics.
          OPEN LETTER     (November 11, 2003)

  • Ontario Health Coalition Vows to Continue Legal Action to Keep Hospitals Public
    The Ontario Health Coalition and partners will file further legal action today to stop the Ministry of Health from signing off on any private (P3) hospital deals before the election or before the new government takes power. We are also continuing with our original legal case to nullify the signing of any deals that may have occurred.
          MEDIA RELEASE     (October 1, 2003)

  • Tenacious Trojan horse crosses the province
    The Ontario Health Coalition and the Ontario Electricty Coalition co-sponsor a cross-province tour by a giant Trojan Horse during the provincial election campaign to warn about the dangers of privatization.
          TOUR DETAILS     (September/October 2003)

  • $1.3 billion in private hospital deals since kick-off of election outrageous: Ontario Health Coalition
    The Ontario Health Coalition responded today to the reported signing of the private (P3) hospital deal for the Royal Ottawa Hospital by the Eves government.
          MEDIA RELEASE     (September 26, 2003)

  • Clement Plays With the Facts - Misrepresents Brampton Hospital Privatization
    The Ontario Health Coalition is filing a formal complaint to the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party for misrepresenting what a P3 hospital development would mean to Tony Clement's constituents.
          MEDIA RELEASE     (September 26, 2003)

  • Reveal Secret Information on For-Profit Hospital: Health Coalition Challenges Eves/Clement
    The Ontario & Brampton Health Coalitions co-sponsored a press conference today to challenge Health Minister Tony Clement & Premier Ernie Eves to come clean about the corporations bidding to own the Conservatives’ planned for-profit hospital in Brampton. The coalition called for public consultation and debate about the planned P3 - public private partnership - hospital in which a for-profit consortium designs, builds, owns and operates the hospital - including all of its support services - and leases it to the public. Noting that this is a radical policy change, the coalition pointed out that Brampton's new hospital is planned to be the first for profit hospital in Ontario since Medicare's inception. But precious little information is available to the public about the government’s plans. The coalition challenged Eves and Clement to stop downplaying their plans and demanded that they reveal critical information about the new hospital.
          MEDIA RELEASE     (April 22, 2003)

  • For Profit Hospitals and Clinics Threaten the Future of Medicare: Ontario Health Coalition Launches Fight Back
    Ontario Health Coalition spokespeople released details of a province-wide pre-election campaign to save and strengthen Medicare. The coalition kicked off a mass pledge campaign to highlight key criteria to strengthen pubic medicare and to stop for-profit healthcare. Already the coalition has received orders for over 100,000 pledge forms. Over the next several weeks, banners, street signs and window signs will go up in communities across the province as concerned community members send a message to their local election candidates. Other coalition plans include a mass march on April 5 in Toronto. Cavalcades of cars, minivans and buses are travelling across Ontario on that day, picking up more people in each town as they pass. The coalition also plans to canvass in ridings across Ontario and to hold a series of townhall meetings on key access and standards issues in nursing home and community/homecare.
          MEDIA RELEASE     (March 31, 2003)

  • Eves guilty of hidden money, misspending: Ontario Health Coalition
    In anticipation of the First Ministers' meetings in Ottawa this week, the Ontario Health Coalition is releasing a briefing note on provincial transparency and accountability in health spending. The coalition takes issue with the Eves government's attempts to win more health spending without accountability. The briefing outlines the enormous difficulty in accessing spending data in Ontario, the total lack of public consultation on critical health reforms, the use of directed funds for other purposes, and unreported profit-taking that characterize Ontario's health system. The press release highlights our key findings.
          MEDIA RELEASE     (February 4, 2003)

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