Articles from Socialist Worker, 1999

Front page SW322

Issue 322, December 8,1999

Bosses lose the Battle in Seattle

Rage against the system
Charlie Kimber -- A victory against capitalism
Editorial -- After Seattle
Editorial -- Build the struggle, build the party
Carolyn Egan -- 'The WTO will be the Vietnam of this generation'
Paul Kellogg -- A century of battles against capitalism

Also in this issue
Jeff Millar -- Chrétien's referendum rant
Abbie Bakan -- Karl Marx: Man of the millennium
Julie Devaney and Blair Dowell -- Support occupation at Molsons

Front page SW321

Issue 321, November 24,1999

WTO -- Smash the bosses' trade deal

Jonathon Hodge and Sean Purdy -- Nothing but corporate greed
Shawn Whitney -- Bosses drool as US, China sign deal
The smell of greed
Get angry, get active
Steve Kerr -- When clean air is a trade barrier
Kevin Ovenden -- No fairness in free trade
Abbie Bakan -- Canada's Caribbean connection

Also in this issue
Editorial -- Keep the market out of health care
Editorial -- From Kosovo to the Caspian: Follow the oil
Editorial -- Time for an anti-Harris action plan
Support occupation at Molsons

Front page SW320

Issue 320, November 10,1999

Page 1 -- Spend the Surplus: Restore social programs
Editorial -- Hargrove: the fall of a working class hero
Editorial -- The doughnut recovery

1989-1999: Ten years since the fall of the Berlin Wall

The dreams that turned to dust
Tony Cliff -- The regimes weren't socialist
Must all revolutions end in tyranny?

Also in this issue

Abbie Bakan -- Cuba and the bosses' trade plans
Steve Kerr -- Thorold workers occupy to save jobs
Brian Benn -- Demand a new trial for Mumia Abu-Jamal

Front page SW319

Issue 319, October 27,1999

Page 1 -- Spend the Surplus: Feed the kids
Editorial -- Quebec: The return of class politics
Editorial -- GM contract: Is this the way to prepare for future battles?
Blair Dowell -- Boom for whom?
Blair Dowell -- The rich who keep us poor
Abbie Bakan -- Free trade for the bosses
Jeff Millar -- Union bosses kill general strike
Brian Benn -- Don't let them kill Mumia Abu-Jamal

Front page SW318

Issue 318, October 13,1999


Page 1 -- Hands off native fishers
Centre pages -- Native leader speaks out
Centre pages -- Solidarity from non-native fishers

Life in Ontario under Mike Harris

Alain Brouard -- Tories' workfare fiasco
Krystal Ann Kraus -- Hands off our squeegees

Also in this issue

Editorial -- The bloody face of 'liberal imperialism'
Editorial -- Unionize the parts plants
Alex Callinicos -- Indonesia and the west
Steve Kerr -- The faulty science of GM foods

Front page SW317

Issue 317, September 29,1999

Freedom for East Timor

Ford workers show the way -- WE ALL NEED A RAISE
John Bell and Devin Hanes -- Campaign 2000: "Education shouldn't be a debt sentence'

What next for the NDP?

Editorial -- BYE-BYE FILMON: Manitoba NDP turfs out Tories
Editorial -- Sask. NDP pays the price for Blairism
Editorial -- Hampton draws all the wrong lessons

Indonesia and East Timor -- between force and freedom

John Rees interviews Diat Sari
John Rees interviews Carmel Budiarjo

Also in this issue

Deborah Murray -- Solidarity with Quebec's Common Front
Letter -- Quebec nurses say 'thanks' for the solidarity
Stephen Kerr -- GM Foods: The insane logic of poison for profit
Abbie Bakan -- The two sides of Nunavut
Carolyn Egan -- Labour under the rainbow
Marjolein Winterink -- House the homeless

Front page SW316

Issue 316, September 15,1999

Freedom for East Timor

Thousands dead in East Timor -- HORROR CREATED BY THE WEST
Paul Kellogg -- East Timor: The West's bloody hypocrisy
'The aim is to terrorize everyone'
Canada -- 25 years of opposing East Timor's independence
Canada helps to arm the butchers
Canadian corporations profiting from oppression

Stop attacks on Chinese refugees

Abbie Bakan -- Don't let them divide us
Ben Isitt -- Victorians crash anti-immigration meeting
Alex Kerner -- NEVER AGAIN: new book on the rise of the Nazis

Crisis of the 'third way'

Editorial -- Romanow's record of shame -- but don't vote for parties of business
Editorial -- Manitoba: Doer is Romanow Mark II
Alex Callinicos -- Crisis of Germany's 'third way'

Front page SW315

Issue 315, September 1,1999

18,000 jobs destroyed at Eaton's, Canadian airlines -- VICTIMS OF THE MARKET
Editorial -- Refugees are welcome here
Editorial -- If the economy is fine: WE WANT OUR SHARE
Dave Steele -- The bloody price of NATO's peace
Shawn Whitney -- NDP delegates reject the Third Way
John Bell -- Big bull moose lock horns
Frank Theriault -- 20 years since revolution in Nicaragua
Carolyn Egan -- The contradictions of Buzz Hargrove
Ben Isitt -- Victoria demo welcomes refugees
Donald Toye -- Students are crushed by debt

Front page, NDP at the crossroads

August 18, 1999 -- Special supplement -- NDP at a crossroads

NDP at a crossroads
Nova Scotia: A wasted opportunity
British Columbia: How can we fight the right?
Saskatchewan: Is this the model?
The Blair switch project
Ontario: the shadow of Bob Rae
The test of war
There is an alternative

Front page SW314

Issue 314, August 18,1999

Premiers plot more misery
Editorial -- Don't mourn for Drapeau
Editorial -- Behind media attacks on BCNDP
Paul Kellogg -- Oil and imperialism: behind the war in Dagestan
Jessica Squires: NATO's 'peace' means more ethnic cleansing
John Bell -- Croatia cover-up: lies and smokescreens
Abbie Bakan -- The ghost of Stalin
Money for housing, not the Olympics
CAW says 'house the homeless'

Front page SW313

Issue 313, August 4,1999

Liberals lie, homeless die
Editorial -- When is good news bad news?

After the Quebec nurses' strike

Union leaders strangle magnificent nurses' strike
Carolyn Egan -- Solidarité
Editorial -- What next for Quebec labour

Homeless harassed in parks * gays harassed in clubs

Terry Theakston -- Stop police clampdown
Stop the war on the poor
John Bell -- Target policing: the war comes home

The NDP drifts into Blairism

Right wing coup in BC-NDP
Nova Scotia: The bitter fruits of Blairism
Jessica Squires -- The 'new' Social Democracy

From the rest of the paper

Mass protests return to Iran
Sean Purdy and Jeff Millar -- Solidarity with Iranian students
Abbie Bakan -- Getting organized
Paul Kellogg -- Trotskyism after Trotsky: Permanent Revolution

Front page SW312

Issue 312, July 7,1999

The great pay ripoff
Editorial -- Economy: boom or bust?
Don't let them hang Ocalan
Frank Theriault -- Ten years since the collapse of 'communism'
Brian Benn -- Justice for Robert Gentles
Abbie Bakan and Brian Benn -- Interview with Carmeta Gentles
Paul Kellogg -- Trotskyism after Trotksy: The Permanent Arms Economy
Bradley Hughes and Dylan Ringwood -- BCNDP: Staring into the abyss?
Jeff Ince -- Strike fever at Air Canada
James Clark -- Support Halifax City Workers
Tania Best & Deborah Murray -- Support Quebec Nurses
Quebec Nurses: Fighting for healthcare
Quebec Nurses: Voices from the lines

Front page SW311

Issue 311, June 23,1999

House the homeless
Blair Dowell -- Wealth towering over poverty
Steve Kerr -- Cancel the debt
Editorial -- Ethnic cleansing, NATO style
Editorial -- Canadian imperialism: one life equals 100 camels
Shawn Whitney -- Stop the attacks on Svend Robinson
After the Ontario elections: What next for the NDP?
Abbie Bakan -- Why we need a revolutionary party
Paul Kellogg -- Trotskyism after Trotsky: State Capitalism
Jessica Squires -- Get rid of the NS Liberals
Tania Best & Deborah Murray -- Support Quebec Nurses

Issue 310, June 9,1999

The bloody price of NATO's war

Editorial -- They created a desert and called it peace
Mass movements of 1996 show the force that can stop the nightmare
Brian Donnelly -- Leon Trotsky on the Balkan Wars
Abbie Bakan -- Wars and Revolutions
Paul Kellogg -- Louise Arbour: friend to war criminals
Benoit Renaud -- The Bloc Québécois' shameful pro-war stance
US admits it was wrong to bomb Sudan


Serbia poisoned by depleted uranium
Makah hunt a cultural right

After the Ontario elections: THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES

Shawn Whitney -- The Struggle Continues
A winning programme
John Bell -- The stoopids
Christine Beckerman -- Killed by the Harris cuts

Also in the paper

Blair Dowell -- Cops and Tories: the boys in blue
Stop privatization of schools in Nova Scotia

Issue 309, May 26,1999

End the bombing -- Stop the war -- Troops out now

Editorial -- NATO prepares ground war horror
Anti-Milosevic Serbs speak out against NATO
Fight the cuts, oppose the war, JOIN THE SOCIALISTS

Ontario elections

Shawn Whitney -- June 3 -- Kick the Tories Out
After June 3 -- The struggle continues
Paul Kellogg -- The hidden corporate face of Dalton McGuinty
Real kids hate Tories

Also in the paper

Helen Shooter -- Ten years since Tiananmen Square

Issue 308, May 12,1999

End the bombing -- Stop the war -- Troops out now

NATO war machine out of control -- STOP THE BOMBING
Eyewitness to slaughter
'No more Kent States -- No more Vietnams'
Youth speak out against the war
Crisis in NATO
Abbie Bakan -- Imperialism and war
Chantal Sundaram -- Toronto teach-in debates the war

Ontario elections -- KICK OUT THE TORY TRASH

Shawn Whitney -- Kick out the Tory trash
Tories' blueprint for more cuts
McGuinty -- A Tory by another name
Could the NDP be an alternative?
If Mike Harris wins ...

CLC in convention

Carolyn Egan -- War: a challenge for labour
Voices from the front lines

News from the International Socialists

Marxism draws 275
$35,000 appeal

Issue 307, April 28, 1999

End the bombing -- Stop the war -- Troops out now

NATO bombs bring terror
Editorial -- Chrétien prepapres ground war horror
Editorial -- Build an anti-war movement
Rebick, Moore, Abu-Jamal -- Voices against the war
Global outrage against NATO
NDP rank and file against the war
John Bell -- NDP leaders -- waffling on the war?
Alex Callinicos -- The KLA, NATO and the war
Chossudovsky shows how Western powers destroyed Yugoslavia

Other coverage

Gaspar Queiroz -- Uprising in Jamaica
Paul Kellogg -- Littleton killers are NATO's children
Saskatchwan nurses prepare for more action
Support the Bell strikers

Action Programme

Time for action to defend jobs and services
Endorse the Action Programme

Issue 306, April 14, 1999

End the bombing -- Stop the war -- Troops out now

Page one -- Bombing causes catastrophe: Say 'No' to NATO's war
Editorial -- Stumbling into catastrophe
Is it a new holocaust?
Paul Kellogg -- NATO's imperialist power play
How the west opened up Yugoslavia's road to hell
Carolyn Egan -- Stop this war

Other coverage

Layoffs at GM: 'They destroy lives at the stroke of a pen'
Toronto transit workers speak out
Support Saskatchewan nurses
Pay the nurses

Issue 305, March 31, 1999

Page one -- Stop the war

End the bombing -- Stop the war -- Troops out now

Page one -- Stop the war
Editorial -- take a stand against this war
Pass this motion
Why you should oppose NATO's war
Chris Harman -- America: the world's cop
Tony Benn is right: this war is about power
Western intervention in the Balkans: a trail of misery
Turkish socialist jailed for defending Kurdistan
David Orchard's legacy of bigotry
John Bell -- War by any other name
Selling the anti-war newspaper

April 7, Toronto -- demonstrate against the anti-choice bigots

Julie Devaney -- Stop the anti-choice bigots
Carolyn Egan -- Lessons from the pro-choice movement
Join the demonstration

Issue 304, March 17, 1999

Page one -- We want our share

Editorial page

Reopen the hospitals
Mike Harris' health care fraud
Why won't ONDP campaign on this platform?
Lafontaine resigns -- crisis in the heart of Europe
The legacy of Camille Laurin

Crisis in the NDP

RCMP -- hands off Glen Clark
Shawn Whitney -- 'It's not our party any more'
The dead end of 'strategic' voting

Other articles from the paper

Abbie Bakan -- Cops, class and crime
Kazan: An award winning rat
Paul Kellogg -- Mass strikes stop Tory cuts
James Clark -- Solidarity with Devco workers

Issue 303, March 3, 1999

Page one -- Stop the layoffs
Editorial -- We need a real fight for jobs
Penny Howard: Striking the CBC
Paul Kellogg: CUPE support staff take on Harris

Crisis in the NDP

NDP -- The drift towards Blairism
Letter from Saskatchewan: "There is real anger against the NDP"
Editorial -- Hampton says "tax the rich," but program too timid to challenge Tories

Women's Liberation and Socialism

Deb Connerty: The politics of Alexandra Kollontai
Carolyn Egan: Bread and Roses -- the fight for women's rights today
Abbie Bakan -- The roots of women's oppression

Self-determination for Kurdistan

Background to the crisis
Hundreds protest in Toronto
Outrage in Vancouver

Issue 302, February 17, 1999

Page one -- Liberals: Too little, too late
Editorial -- Martin's health care con job
Editorial -- Economy: the walls close in
Clark recruits Wilson: "It has shaken all our beliefs"
Abbie Bakan -- The Underground Railroad
James Clark -- Devco 'The fightback has just begun'
Students fight for education

Issue 301, February 3, 1999

Page one -- Devco: 'Our lives are not for sale'
Editorial -- Stop Liberals' EI rip-off
Editorial -- Cheap talk won't solve crisis
Editorial -- BC: nationalize mines to save jobs
Shawn Whitney -- It was struggle that won medicare
John Bell -- Left Jab

Issue 300, January 20 1999

Page one -- To Hell with Bell
Editorial -- Now it's market madness in Brazil
Editorial -- It's time for pay equity
Page two -- Killer cops
Rosa Luxemburg: Socialism or Barbarism
Carolyn Egan -- Striking 'Ma Bell'
Abbie Bakan -- War, peace and social democracy

Issue 299, January 6 1999

Page one -- Clinton, Blair and Chrétien: Blood on their hands
Editorial -- Economy on thin ice
Page two -- Scandal at Sick Kids
John Bell - 1998: Saving the worst for last