CASS 2009 Fundraising Concert

On Sunday November 8, 2009, the annual CASS fundraising concert was held once again at Wesley-Knox United Church in London. The enthusiastic crowd packed the pews and balconies to overflowing to see the various groups perform. In particular the crowds were anxious to hear the special guest speaker, Justin Trudeau, speak about his vision of Canada and the work of Canadian Aid for South Sudan. You can also download the flyer here.

Each year CASS holds this special concert to raise awareness of our work in the southern Sudan region, and to raise funds to help support that work. The entertainment is provided by local choirs and personalities. Many of the pieces are written or arranged specifically for this concert, in most cases by local choir leaders like Brian Ratcliffe and Stephen Holowitz. There is no cost to attend, but many generous donors use this as an opportunity to support CASS. If you would like to see some pictures from a previous concert, click here.

Special guest soloists included Denise Pelley and Saidat. Choirs from Medway, Lucas and Banting Secondary Schools, as well as Mountsfield Elementary, performed a variety of choral numbers. The final rousing numbers, which included all singers and a mass choir, brought the whole audience to their feet.