County of Aweil East

The following maps show the county of Aweil East, which is currently the main area of activity for Canadian Aid for South Sudan. CASS has also been very active in the county of Twic, which is in the neighbouring state. You can click on the maps to view a larger version. The second map shows the location of Aweil East within the state of Northern Bahr El Ghazal.

The map shows the major villages through the region, as well as the rivers and roads. The red lines represent the roads and dirt tracks that cross the county. None of the roads are in very good condition, and during the rainy season, they can be virtually impassable. This area is very remote, and is accessible only by small planes flying into the dirt airstrip near Malualkon. Malualkon is the largest "urban area" in Aweil East. In this area of Sudan, an "urban area" is defined by a few permanent buildings, usually government administrative buildings, surrounded by thousands of shacks and mud huts.

Near Malualkon, along the road to Madhol, is the community of Gordhin. This community includes a health centre and a school run by the Catholic Church. This is also the area where the Canada School has just recently been built. This school was built through the coordination and financial support of CASS, along with local labour and materials, and the help of a group of London firefighters that travelled to Sudan in January 2006. This location was determined to be a good spot for the Canada School because of the prevalence of services and the Malualkon market in the area. This makes the community a natural collecting point for people in the region. People will walk from the nearby communities as well as from those many miles away, to access the market and the services available here.

During the war in Sudan, many of the people of Sudan, including those in Aweil East and more Northern parts of Sudan (like Darfur), were displaced and so they migrated to the southern portions of Sudan and into some of the neighbouring countries. Now that peace is returning, many of these people are returning to this area, although not going any further north at the current time because of the continued instability and danger in the Darfur region. At the same time there is a continued stream of displaced people from Darfur coming south into this area. The result is that Aweil East is sort of a crossroads, with many people arriving from many different areas, all with very great needs. It is into this situation that CASS brings a variety of programs to meet many of these needs: for education, rehabilitating child soldiers, Abuk's herd, and programs to enhance womens' literacy. Added to this are programs to supply emergency kits to refugees from Darfur, and an initiative with Trojan Technologies (also based in London, Ontario) to provide clean drinking water.

A little north of Malualkon is the market of War-awar. This is the largest market in Aweil East. This market was destroyed several times during the war, but each time it was rebuilt. It is known now as the "Peace Market". This is one of the most active commercial areas in the county, and is the best area of opportunity for those looking to rebuild their lives through some kind of commercial enterprise. This market is a focus area for Smart Aid, which aims to provide opportunity for locals by promoting micro-enterprises and developing export markets for locally produced resources. CASS is also assisting with the establishment of programs to encourage women-run enterprises in the markets.