Passion for Sudan Team - 2007

The "Passion for Sudan" team consists of Kim Spriet, Denise Pelley, Lynn Blumas, Samira El-Hindi, Anna Pacifico, Nicole Spriet and Lucy Ogletree.

These seven successful London, Ontario businesswomen have chosen to connect with women entrepreneurs half a world away in Sudan in a way that would empower Sudanese women. The Canadian women are taking on projects specifically designed to assist the Sudanese women to rebuild their communities following twenty years of civil war. From slavery and bondage to an era of new opportunity, the time for action is now.

The women have titled their initiative "Passion for Sudan" and they visited south Sudan in January 2007, accompanied by Glen Pearson and Jane Roy from Canadian Aid for South Sudan. Funds raised in Canada are being used to support various women's micro-enterprise projects. The goals of the Passion for Sudan team are ambitious and doable:

  • to assist women in starting their own businesses
  • to work with community leaders to build local support for women's empowerment programs
  • to educate Canadians concerning the opportunity to assist
  • assist with the expansion of "Abuk's Herd" - a unique program designed to provide goats to returning female slaves and refugees
  • establish a mechanical grinding mill operation which Sudanese women themselves will oversee
  • expand CASS's existing sewing machinery micro-enterprise to include more women's groups
  • assist CASS in the development of its "Smart Aid" program - an effort to build micro-enterprises in south Sudan.

Several of the women that travelled to Sudan in January 2007 have put together their personal reflections of that trip. You can also see more of the Passion group at the 2006 fall fundraiser concert.