January 2007 Personal Reflections

In January 2007, 15 Canadians travelled to Darfur along with Glen Pearson and Jane Roy. This marked the first trip to Sudan for a group of London businesswomen who have called themselves "Passion for Sudan". This group had a busy agenda following up on several projects, setting the groundwork for new projects, and meeting with many of the people of Sudan to make connections and learn about their current needs.

Great progress has been made on several projects, including Abuk's Herd, and the sewing machine micro-enterprises designed to help women entrepreneurs earn a living for themselves and their families. The group was also able to participate in the opening of the Canada School, which was started last year on a previous CASS trip to Sudan. The Canada school, originally designed for 800, is now being used by over 1100 students. The women of "Passion for Sudan" also helped to raise money for a grinding mill, which is being established as a co-operative run by a group of local Sudanese businesswomen.

Several of the participants on this trip have put together their personal reflections about what they saw and did while in Sudan. Follow the links below to see what they have to say:

Lucy Ogletree
Nicole Spriet
Hayley MacKinnon
Denise Pelley