APRIL 19, 2018 ROUNDTABLE Invitation, Ottawa:
Nuclear Disarmament: Upcoming Challenges; Canadian Leadership? [Here]

CNANW September 2017 Conference -- Energizing Action By Canada
CALL to SIGN Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: [Call]

Divesting from Companies Producing Nuclear Weapons: Resources Page
Building Momentum: 2016 CNANW Conference Presentations
Network Submission to Defence Policy Review, 2016: Here
In the News: CNANW referenced in Hill Times oped: Here
Call to Action on Nuclear Disarmament, June 2016: Here
Pursuing a World Free of Nuclear Weapons, Mr. Kim Won-soo: Here

CNANW Conference Participants September 25, 2017, Ottawa

November 30, 2015 CNANW Seminar:
Defining Steps for Canada in a Nuclear Weapons-Free World

Seminar Page: Here; Seminar Report: Here

Letter to Government of Canada: English; Francais
Letter on Legal Issues, September 25, 2014: [.doc eng] [.doc fra]
CNWC statement: [.doc english] [.doc francais]
Progress Towards Nuclear Disarmament: [.doc]

Statements: [+]
High Alert: [+]
What we do: [+]

Setsuko's Thurlow's Story: [+]


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