Les Artistes pour la paix
Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility
Canadian Federation of University Women
Canadian Peace Alliance / L'Alliance canadienne pour la paix
Canadian Voice of Women for Peace
Canadian Pugwash Group
Canadian Student Youth Pugwash
Centre de Ressources sur la Non-Violence
Group of 78
Physicians for Global Survival
Project Ploughshares
Religions for Peace Canada
Rideau Institute
Science for Peace
United Nations Association in Canada /Association canadienne pour les Nations Unies
Vancouver Island Peace and Disarmament Network 
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (Canada section)
World Federalist Movement - Canada / Mouvement Federaliste Mondial - Canada 

Alumnus Member:
Veterans Against Nuclear Arms (VANA): There is a VANA Memorial posted on the Toronto Hiroshima/Nagasaki Day website that gives an extensive history and video and archival links explaining the founding, aims and work of the organization: VANA Memorial

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