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The Meduxnekeag River
The Meduxnekeag River, a tributary of the St. John River, rises in two principal branches in Aroostook County in the State of Maine...

Heritage Images
Our most recent addition: The dam and powerhouse whose remains can still be seen just above the present-day Trans-Canada Highway bridges. The first hydro-electric installation in New Brunswick, both dam and powerhouse were swept away in the flood of 1923. This photo appears to have been taken in about 1910: there is no sign of the railway which was built on the other side of the river about 1915. Note how heavily the forest appears to have been cut.

Appalachian Hardwoods
The Central St. John River Valley is home to a type of hardwood forest found nowhere else in Atlantic Canada...

"You say Meduxnekeag; I say...."
In the 1890s, the New Brunswick historian W. O. Raymond, whose family home was near Woodstock, wrote the following account of the Meduxnekeag name...

Looking upstream from near the mouth of the Meduxnekeag in Woodstock:
circa 1904 and 2004


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