Peter Moore: South Asian Partnership Canada

We've had a long relationship with Web Networks -- we've been using them for our Web hosting package for quite some time. That didn't keep them from having to go through a rigorous competition.

"We sent our RFP to 20 companies and 11 came back with bids. We included Web Networks in the process because we knew they used Open Source software and that they could provide good service for us. There were three rounds. They won the competition.

"We wanted to do something quite different with our Web site. We'd had static HTML before. We didn't know what they could do until we included them in the process.

"Web Networks did very good training for each of our staff, in terms of working with and developing the Web site. We're involved in culture change within our organization, from a situation where people are empowered to do their own work to a team approach.

"They've been very good about responding in a timely way to questions, and they come back with solutions. In my experience, that's not exactly a common thing. So they've got a very good service model.

"Web had some good questions, and we made some changes due to that. By the time we relaunched for our Annual Meeting, we had new content and a new website with a new look.

"People are very, very pleased with it.

Peter Moore
Communications Coordinator
SAP (South Asia Partnerhship) Canada

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