The Association for Canadian Studies in the United States (ACSUS) engaged for a complete overhaul of their 90s-style website. Now has a new, modern look with a responsive design that renders beautifully on mobile devices. We also implemented membership management tools & commerce; members can buy/ renew subscriptions, as well pay & register for conferences.

The Association for Canadian Studies in the United States

Equity in Theatre

Equity in Theatre (EIT) is a multi-stakeholder initiative aiming to remedy existing gender inequities in the theatre industry. Web Networks delivered a customized Drupal CMS, including a fully custom designed responsive theme. EIT is a great place for Actors, Directors, Playwrights and those alike to share their passions, projects and to meet and communicate.

Equity in Theatre (EIT)

The Representative for Children and Youth

The Representative for Children and Youth work to support young Nunavummiut; they represent their voice in matters that affect them and ensure the Government of Nunavut protects and advances their rights and interests. Web Networks built a fresh, fully responsive Drupal-powered site in 4 languages to help advocate the rights for young people.

The Representative for Children and Youth

acorn canada

ACORN organizes neighbourhoods, tenants, at the grassroots: they chose Web Networks to develop and securely host a new Drupal / CiviCRM website and membership management system.


The over 10,000 members of The Association of Management, Administrative and Professional Crown Employees of Ontario (AMAPCEO) encouraged their members to contact their local MPP using our Petition online campaign tool during their most recent collective agreement bargaining.


Web Networks is proud to be a founding member of the Association for Progressive Communications. We have partnered to release a Drupal usability study, an online Internet rights watchdog, "GISWatch", and in advocating for policy that improves First Nations' access to affordable high speed Internet access.

Canadian Auto Workers

Web Networks staff built CAW's first website over 15 years ago, and has assisted the union be at the forefront of online activism since then. Recent projects: CAW Connected, CAW's Local Union Media Association

Canadian Auto Workers Online Activism

Canadian Ethnocultural Council

The Canadian Ethnocultural Council's new Drupal site allows them to better display multimedia resources as well as documents related to their research in health risks in new Canadian communities.

Canadian Mental Health Association, Toronto Branch

Creating a private, functional online space for an organizations' staff to work together online is never simple. Staff are too busy for a "build it and they will come approach to work. Web Networks helped the Toronto branch of the Canada Mental Health Association move many of its internal staff file management and office logistics online in a streamlined simple to navigate and manage online space. Highlights include room booking and calendars, polls, and interactive forms for staff to submit workplace health and safety issues.

CMHA Toronto Intranet

Canadian National Institute for the Blind

Web Networks is proud to have created an online resource of all major Canadian daily newspapers for visually impaired people served by CNIB.
The project involved receiving digital files from remote sources, and publishing them to a private website, accessible to text-to-audio software used by the visually impaired.

Canadian National Institute for the Blind

Canadian Stroke Network

The Canadian Stroke Network uses our Petition tool to support its campaign on salt intake and public health.


Toronto's architectural masterpiece from the roaring Twenties gets a complete website makeover: Web Networks delivered a high impact new design and a configured all Drupal functions, including great photo galleries and a complex event quote request

The Carlu

CEP Local 707

Web Networks worked with staff and volunteers at CEP Local 707 in Fort McMurray Alberta to give them a easy to manage new site, including private areas for it members to share information and to facilitate online voting of officers.

CEP Local 707


1996 - 2005 Canadian Labour Congress partnered with Web Networks to deliver the Petition online campaign tool (it started as "Fax Your MP", invented by Pat Kerwin, CLC's Political Action director).

Common Thread Community Chorus

This unique soprano, alto, tenor, bass choir promotes community and social justice through music. Web Networks led a volunteer committee through a graphic design and website functional requirement design process that included facility for sound and video, as well as a private area for choir members, all powered by the easy to use Drupal content management system.

Common Thread Community Chorus


The Centre for Science in the Public Interest uses our online campaign tool Petition as well as our open source mass e-mailer "Mailman" to promote it's nutrition and public health agenda across Canada and in partnership with its US sister organization.

Developmental Disabilities Association

Vancouver-based Developmental Disabilities Association needed an affordable private website platform on which staff could collaborate. They chose to build and host their new Drupal intranet, which includes news, events, staff directory, and a unique service for staff to send "kudograms" in appreciation of work their colleagues have performed.

Developmental Disabilities Association

Elementary Teachers of Toronto

The Elementary Teachers of Toronto communicate to their over 10,000 members using the Web Networks mass mailing service.


This Health, Wellness & Cancer Survivorship centre based in Toronto's University Health Network is a drop-in centre for patients, family, friends and volunteers. They needed a professional website developed rapidly. Web Networks delivered their Drupal site on time and on budget. We also worked with their team of professionals developing online resources for childhood cancer survivors.


ETFO Summer Academy

Ontario's 70,000+ elementary teachers register for courses online using our Drupal "Ubercart" shopping cart system.

ETFO Credit Courses


Web Networks developed and continues to host this complex business process platform built on CiviCRM/Drupal that support Green Communities energy auditors collate statistics gathered during home energy audits.

Global Information Society Watch

The Association for Progressive Communication has partnered with Netherland-based Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation ("HIVOS") to produce a printed annual Internet Rights report with authors from all corners of the globe, called "Global Information Society Watch. Web Networks developed their new website, and it is one of our best: striking design, integrated maps, intelligent content layout, on a fine-tuned multilingual Drupal platform.

Global Information Society Watch

Heartbeatz Cliffcrest Community Centre

We love working with small community-based groups like Cliffcrest, and the resulting site shows that our process, whereby Web Networks staff familiar with the needs of service organizations engage client staff and volunteers to deliver an online presence that reflects the energy and commitment of the work being accomplished.

Notable about this site is its fresh design, video profile, blog and complete content management system delivered on a tight budget.

Cliffcrest Community Centre

Herizons Magazine Online Subscription

Herizons magazine came to Web Networks when their current shopping cart system had been attacked by spammers. They urgently needed a new, stable, and functional system to manage subscriptions, renewals, and sales of products. Web Networks implemented the "Drupal Ubercart" module for Herizons using Paypal as the payment processor. A great, affordable e-commerce solution for small enterprises and non-profits.

Herizons Magazine Online Subscription


If your sight is at risk, you want a doctor to have the best tools in the world to properly diagnose and treat your condition. Innovamed provides these instruments, and their website files are managed using our WebFM Drupal module. We also provide managed hosting for their main site and ancilliary sites.

InterAcademy Medical Panel

We delivered a new design and Drupal 7 content management system for this Europe-based international network of medical academies, and continue to host the site and provide ongoing technical support as required.

Jesuit Forum

On a tight budget the Web Networks team delivered: website design reflecting Jesuit Forum's non-partisan activist mission; easy to manage website using the Drupal content management system, with training, website hosting, and ongoing support.

Jesuit Forum


 Jewish Vocational Services Local Immigration Partnership's Drupal 7 website includes an integrated Google Custom Search, indexing 15 of the top information sources for New Canadians and professionals who work in settlement agencies.

Language Commissioner of Nunavut

In partnership with the Piruvik Centre in Iqlauit, Nunavut, we provided Nunavut's Language Commissioner with a fresh new design featuring local photographs, blogs, and a youth area, all in four languages (English, French, Inuktitut, and Inuinnaqtun), all managed in-house using the Drupal content management system.

Language Commissioner of Nunavut

Legislative Assembly of Nunavut

Another project completed with our partners The Pirurvik Centre in Iqaluit. A four language website with a strong design reflecting the importance of the most important democratic institution in Nunavut. The site also provides Legislative Assembly staff with a easy to use Drupal-based system to manage The Assembly's legislative bills.

Legislative Assembly of Nunavut

New Democratic Party of Canada

2002 - 2009 Our team provided the party with its first secure e-commerce donation system, its first content management system, its first Drupal installation and the site was hosted on servers during Jack Layton's party leadership victory, and two subsequent federal elections.

New Democratic Party of Canada

Nunavummi Nangminiqaqtunik Ikajuuti

For Nunavummi Nangminiqaqtunik Ikajuuti (NTI), Web Networks developed this complex, four language online registry of business and government tenders as part of its service to government and organizations in Nunavut.

Nunavummi Nangminiqaqtunik Ikajuuti

Ontario College Library Services

Ontario College Library Services had a complex resource subscription system; we worked with their staff to move the process online, including synchronizing local spreadsheets.

Ontario Nurses Association

When the Ontario Nurses Association needed an easy way to manage thousands of union documents, Web Networks development team used the flexible "Drupal" content management system to build a module that gives end users a "Windows Explorer" drag and drop interface, combined with simple ways to put thousands of files onto a web server.
The module is now in use by organizations worldwide, and is downloaded thousands of times weekly.

Drupal File Management Module


The union representing 120,000 Ontario public service workers makes sure their membership can e-mail thier MPP and the Premier directly on important issues using our Petition service.


Web Networks worked with its Nunavut partner, the Pirurvik Centre, to develop Tusaalanga, a resource for students learning the indigenous Inuktitut language, spoken primarily in Nunavut. The site was awarded the Council of the Federation literacy award. The Council of the Federation comprises all 13 Canadian provincial and territorial premiers.


Pro Bono Students Canada

Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC) is the world’s only national pro bono law student organization. When their staff approached Web Networks, they had a customized system for managing the site that was awkward and inflexible. On a tight budget, Web Networks migrated the site design, functions and content to our easy to use Drupal system, giving Prob Bona staff complete control of the site.

Pro Bono Students Canada

Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

PIPSC needed a secure, private online space to assist negotiators with the massive task of negotiating collective agreements for its 50,000 members in dozens of bargaining units across Canada. Web Networks customized the "Drupal" content management system forums module to deliver the project.

Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada


 The Public Service Alliance of Canada uses Web Networks Petition app to give its members an opportunity to keep in touch with their MP on key issues, made simpler with our postal code to MP lookup function.

Saskatchewan Government and General Employees Union

SGEU's new Drupal-powered site was a redesign from the ground up of a previous site developed by the Web Networks team.The union wanted a colourful, magazine-like feel for the new site, with extensive control over displaying images and highlighting news on the front page.

Saskatchewan Government and General Employees Union

Seniors Health Knowledge Network

Researchers and caregivers across Canada and internationally collaborate to produce quality resources on this portal designed, built and supported by the team.

Somalia Immigrant Aid Organization

Not only did Web Networks design a new website for the Somalia Immigrant Aid Organization, provide a content management system and hosting, we also assisted the organization obtain federal funding for the project!

Somalia Immigrant Aid Organization


The latihan of Subud is a spiritual exercise open to people of all or no religion. The team has worked with the association that support the latihan, building an online collaboration space, and providing mass e-mail services.

Toronto Community Housing

Toronto Community Housing Corporation is Canada's largest social housing provider, and the second largest in North America. Web Networks won the public Request for Proposals for their new website development in 2006, designed and built their current website, and built a private "intranet" for TCHC staff to collaborate and share information.

Drupal Google Maps Website Plug-in

Toronto School of Theology

A giant step forward for the Toronto School of Theology, "the largest and leading ecumenical centre for theological education in Canada": Web Networks' team helped TST move from a legacy Microsoft system to the open source Drupal platform. We did extensive planning, created a new custom graphic design for the site, and built a simple tool to manage College course imports, which originated in Excel files. A complex project with a stellar result.

Toronto School of Theology

United Church of Canada

The United Church of Canada hired the team to build an online blogging and collaboration space for its church revitalization project, "Emerging Spirit".

United Steelworkers

This project involved the rapid development of a website design and content management system in support of the United Steelworkers campaign to organize support staff at Queens University.

United Steelworkers

University of Alberta, Non-Academic Staff Association

The 7,000 strong support staff at the University of Alberta ("NASA") needed a public website, private online labour relations case management tools, and a complete membership management system. They chose the team to design, build and host a Drupal-based system that met all requirements.

University of Alberta, Non-Academic Staff Association

University of Guelph's "The Research Shop"

The Research Shop is a unique new structure serving as a portal between research interests and needs of communities (local, national and international communities of interest) and resources at the University of Guelph.When the Executive Director of The Research Shop sought experts to design and build their new site, they came to Web Networks. The clean design and intuitive layout was rapidly developed to meet a tight schedule, and staff and consultants were provided with personal training to quickly start managing content using their Drupal content management system.

University of Guelph's "The Research Shop"


Yodigo is a web-based game that delivers literacy fast in any language. Visit the Yodigo website to try a demo and find out more about online learning with Yodigo.

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