Ruth Dawson, Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario

Our members have found the process for online course registration created by Web Networks extremely simple and quick. It gives them the information they need and allows them to register very easily. For us it is about the people registering and to them the process seems great. This is the third year we have worked with Web Networks and we know that Web Networks is always just an email away.

Ruth Dawson, Summer Academy Co-ordinator Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario

Philip Shea - Amnesty International - LGBT

"We'd asked around, and Web Networks was recommended to us. The project was a real learning experience. The staff at Web were very, very helpful. The budget was fine. We were working to a tight deadline, and that also worked out well."

Peter Moore: South Asian Partnership Canada

We've had a long relationship with Web Networks -- we've been using them for our Web hosting package for quite some time. That didn't keep them from having to go through a rigorous competition.

"We sent our RFP to 20 companies and 11 came back with bids. We included Web Networks in the process because we knew they used Open Source software and that they could provide good service for us. There were three rounds. They won the competition.

Karen Rheault: Ontario Nurses Association

We were especially attracted to the fact that they're non-profit.

They're great people to work with, they know what they're doing, they have great ideas. They seemed a natural choice.

"I had a lot of technical questions, so I was really counting on them to be helpful and available. And they completely surpassed my expectations in that regard. I was very happy with them. I would absolutely recommend them to others.

John Argue, Ontario Coalition for Social Justice

In my 7 years as OCSJ co-ordinator, I knew that I could rely upon Web Networks staff to help me understand how the internet can be used to advance our goals for social justice, especially in urging governments to improve their policies to help people who were experiencing poverty and social marginalization. As a technological Luddite, in particular, I appreciated their invaluable advice!

Gavin Nesbitt, Pirurvik Centre

The experience was very good. Web was willing to take a chance on a creative idea and commit resources to it.

Aaron McCarroll Gallegos, United Church of Canada

We are very happy with the site and where it is at. We had a very good experience working with Web Networks to develop our site from a basic concept to where it is. It is better than we thought it could be, mainly because the people we worked with at Web, helped us to see what the internet could do for us and broadened our horizons.. and helped us to present our program online.

Denis Boivin, Public Service Alliance of Canada

"We want to do more e-advocacy. We want to encourage our members to be politically active--we have about 180,000 members--and the Web Networks 'Petition' application is certainly one way to do that.

The folks at Web Networks have provided a good service, the turnaround has been good, working with them has been cordial and amiable, and it’s great to be working with people who share like-minded values.

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