Web Community Resource Networks (“web.net”) was founded in 1987, one of the first Internet service and application providers in the world, and an early worker co-op / social enterprise. Since then we have provided internet-based technologies to a great variety of non-profits, governments, and public institutions, as well as businesses and individuals, locally, across Canada, and internationally.

We are unique as a non-profit social enterprise ourselves, with a mandate to assist mission-driven organizations using internet tools to deliver on their goals and mission. Our staff are voting members of our Board of Directors.  Using open source software and providing personal customer support, web.net is one of Canada’s leading providers of website development and hosting services to the non-profit and “civil society” sector.

web.net has a long history dealing with socially responsible organizations, school boards and unions. We provided Cuba with its first Internet connection, the federal NDP with their first ecommerce solution, and our "@web.net" email addresses and our rock-solid Canadian website hosting platform has been providing thousands of people with ethical email and websites.

Whether it’s giving the Inuit facility to work online in Inuktitut, or building an accessible news portal for the visually impaired, our goal is to use proven open source systems to meet client requirements. We are proud of our record of maintaining long-term relationships with a diverse range of organizations, and of our 32 year history of implementing software solutions for those who, like us, value and work passionately to create a just society.