Member Agreement

Who’s Who

In this agreement, I, me and my mean every Web Networks user and account holder who acknowledges it. You and your mean Web Networks. Service means the computer network services offered by Web Networks.

Basic Rights

You give me the right to access my account using my unique and secure password.

With my Web Networks account I can get and send information in your public conferences and in the private conferences when the facilitator of that conference gives me permission.

If I am a conference facilitator, I can restrict use of and access to the conference and make changes.

With my Internet Access account I can use your services to access the Internet and other computer networks if they are available through you.

Privacy Policy

Web Networks considers all contact and billing information you provide to be private and confidential between you and Web. Web Networks does not divulge this information to any third party for any reason except when and if required to comply with the laws of Ontario and Canada.

Web Networks, however, does not impose or stipulate any particular privacy policy on members who administer mailing lists, websites or other services hosted with us. Users who wish to know the privacy policies for such member-administered systems should contact the individual administrators of those services directly to find out the privacy policy in effect for those services.


My password will be confidential and I will not give it out to anyone else. If my password is lost or stolen I will call you right away at (416) 596-0212, or 1-800-932-7003 to let you know. You will confirm that you’ll immediately change my password. I agree that I am ultimately responsible for my password and that if anyone uses it and I incur any charges, I will pay you immediately.

I will not at any time give out my password to anyone else, including you if I am not sure how it will be used or if I am not sure that I will be able to change it at a later date.

I understand that my password is what gives me access to my account and that it is essential for the security of my account. I will take measures to ensure that it is not given out or forgotten.

If I want to transfer my account to someone else I will let you know by telephone or in writing and you will make the change for me. You will charge me $15 for this name change.

Use of Services

I will pay you for the services that I use at the price and in the way that you set them out in the Web Networks Rate Schedule.

Intellectual Property Rights

All the intellectual property rights to all data and software that you provide me with are your property. All software you provide me with is subject to the terms of the license associated with that software. If I modify or change your software I only have rights to the modifications I make.

Account renewal

You will automatically renew my account unless I tell you not to in writing. I will give you 30 days written notice if I am going to cancel my account with you.

If I pay with my credit card, I must give you notice in writing 30 days before I cancel to avoid automatic re-billing.


You and I have the right to cancel this agreement with 30 days written notice to each other.

If I violate any of the terms of this agreement you have the right to immediately suspend or cancel my account.

If you or I suspend or cancel my account or this agreement I must pay all charges outstanding on my account. Also, I will not have the right to use or redistribute any information I have obtained from your services, and you may keep information that I put on your services if you wish.

Limitation of Liability

I understand that you cannot guarantee uninterrupted or error-free access to your services. Your sole obligation, and my sole remedy, is to use commercially reasonable efforts to provide the services I have paid for.

Neither you nor your employees will be liable to me or anyone else for any damages arising through this agreement for any reason, even if I inform you that such damage may occur. Neither you nor your employees will be responsible for my or anyone else’s use of the data obtained through your services.

Your total liability to me under this contract, in negligence or any other legal basis, will not exceed my last three months’ access fees.

This limitation will continue after this agreement ends or the services are terminated, for whatever reason, including fundamental breach.

No Warranty as to Accuracy and Security

You provide no warranty of any sort regarding the accuracy or security of the information on your services.


I agree to indemnify you for any damages that you suffer (including legal fees) as a result of my actions or omissions. I also agree to indemnify you for damages that I cause by violating copyright or by publishing illegal or offensive material through your services.

Responsibility for Content

You can not and will not review materials available in your services. I assume full responsibility for the material that I use, send and receive through your services.

I will make sure that I have permission to send or distribute the information that I send or distribute through your services. I will credit all sources of materials. I will distribute copyrighted material only with the permission of the copyright owner and only in a way that they allow me to.

I can re-use material I receive through the services unless you or someone else expressly indicates that I cannot. I cannot use any material I receive through the services in a commercial way unless I get permission from you. You give me permission to use information from the services in single or occasional entries in my publications for research, education or public information.

I agree that information entered in the services will be non-commercial. I will restrict advertising to those conferences where it is permitted. I will make sure that I understand the purpose of a conference before I post advertising messages in it.

Spam Policy

I agree that I will not send unsolicited commercial email to other users of the internet. I further agree that I will not add email users to my mailing lists without their permission. By default, your mailing lists require that subscribers receive a message asking if they wish to subscribe and I agree to use that option and to abide by their wishes. I agree that their membership will not take effect until and if they reply to the introductory message.

I also agree not to sell or transfer the email addresses of people who choose not to receive my email, even in the form of a mailing list.

You agree to warn me if I am accused of spamming, and further, you have the responsibility to take action should I continue to abuse your network.

Right to Delete and Change

Although you do not supervise or review the contents of your services and assume no responsibility for their contents, you have the right, but not the obligation, to delete or change material that your Executive Director decides is false, offensive, harassing, or potentially illegal or libellous.

Group Accounts - Primary Web ID

I can have an unlimited number of user IDs on a group account. Each group account member must have their own ID and password.

If I am the primary group ID I can add or remove members from the group at any time by giving you written notice. I can email, fax, or send a letter to you letting you know this. It is up to me to confirm that you have received my message. You will charge a one-time set up fee for each member added to the group.

I am responsible for paying any charges incurred by anyone of my group members.

I assume all responsibility for the use of your services by my group members. I will tell all my group members how to use your services and make sure that they understand the rules and policies and that they will comply with the rules.

Governing Law

This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the province of Ontario.

Entire Agreement

This Agreement and the Web Networks Rate Schedule constitute the entire agreement between us with respect to matters in this Agreement.


Communications that are required to be in writing between you and me may take place by e-mail or Canada Post.